2022 Jackass Trading Cards Hobby Box (Zerocool)

2022 Jackass Trading Cards Hobby Box (Zerocool)

2022 Jackass Trading Cards Hobby Box (Zerocool)

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2022 Jackass Trading Cards Hobby Box (Zerocool) Configuration: 10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack. Curated by Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Sean Cliver, the jackass collectible trading cards set is here. As pioneers of viral videos and American slapstick humor that spread around the globe, jackass made its mark well beyond skate culture, growing into a beloved mainstream franchise. This is the first trading card set of its kind, filled with stunts, cameos (including Tyler the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly!) and cast members from all of the movies, including this year’s critically acclaimed jackass forever. Welcome to jackass x zerocool.

There are 2,880 of each base card. Base types include (number of unique cards): Cast (7), Rookies (5), Legends (7), Group (5), Cameos (14), Movie Posters (10), Stunts (70) and Behind the Lens (30) cards.

All parallels are holographic optichrome, and all, except for silver, are numbered.
- SILVER 250
- HOLO #/100
- BLUE #/50
- RED #/25
- GOLD #/10
- PLAYER* #/5
- CARD ZERO #/0**

* Five autographed Player parallels were given exclusively to participating movie talent. The only way to get them is convincing them to give up some of their cards!

** Card Zero parallels are #/0 on base cards and #/1 on autograph cards.

There are 32 autograph cards in each parallel type except for Silver.
- Johnny Knoxville
- Chris Pontius
- Steve-O
- Weeman (Jason Acuna)
- Preston Lacy
- Ehren McGhehey
- Dave England
- Sean "Poopies" McInerney
- Jasper Dolphin (Davon Wilson)
- Zach Holmes
- Rachel Wolfson
- Eric Manaka
- Jeff Tremaine
- Spike Jonze
- Rick Kosick
- Dimitry Elyashkevich
- Lance Bangs
- Sean Cliver
- Danielle O’Toole
- PK Subban
- Francis Ngannou
- Tory Belleci
- DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard)
- Tony Hawk
- Mat Hoffman
- Eric Andre
- Dark Shark (Compston Wilson)
- Butterbean (Eric Esch)
- Rob Dyrdek
- Loomis Fall
- Machine Gun Kelly

There are 7 alternative main cast images and 5 alternative rookie cast images. These are only available in the Silver and Card Zero parallels.


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